Bye Bye Suck Suck

Mo Mo had to say bye bye to her favorite ‘suck suck’ at 21 months. Suck Suck is what she calls mummy’s milk.

It was both relieved and sad moment for mummy when I had to stop breastfeeding. Relieved because, she will be able to sleep independently without habitual wake up to look for milk. Besides that, I will be able to travel for conferences to make a good CV if she can sleep without mummy. Sad because I had to deprive something she likes so much and also addicted to and entitled to. Sad also because, I enjoyed breadfeeding as it is very bonding & cuddling. I can’t really describe the real feeling of breastfeeding. Sometimes, it caused a little hassle when I had to rush back to home to BF or wake up at nights but I never felt it as a chore. It is the BEST DIM (Done it Myself) gift I could ever give to her, not the beautiful dresses.

I could breadfeed Ben just for 6 months as I was working at that time and did not know how to prolong the production and the output decreased itself. But now since I’m doing further study, I have more time for Mo Mo and even planned to BF till 2 years. But somehow, the output is getting less and I find that it is better to stop her addiction, the ealier the easier.

Well.. it’s been 2 weeks she has sort of forgotten about it. On the first night, in fact, we tried to let her sleep with daddy but failed coz she cried too much for mummy. So we changed to Plan B, i.e, slept with mummy, no BF. To my amaze, she was fine, she fell asleep on my chest, instead of sucking. She woke up 2 times and cried a little but not long, I tried to offer her milk bottle but she refused. It was not what she needed. It was just habitual wake-up. The next days, she fell asleep on my chest and then gotta put her down slowly. She woke up 1 or 2 times just to make some noise and continued to sleep. Now the second addiction is sleeping on mummy, not on the bed. I guess she needs body touch to fall asleep as baby sitter carry her to sleep in day time. So, I tried to make her sleep on the bed by praising her “wow, Mo Mo can sleep on the bed”. So, she tried to please me.. she just fell asleep on the bed for the first time after 2 weeks!

Power of Praise works extremely well for her but not always for Ben.

Trip to Myanmar

After 2 years, Ben got another chance to meet his cousins from mummy’s side in Myanmar. We wanted to see how he’d react when he met his cousins, but unfortunately he dozed off when we met them at airport. Anyway, once he woke up, we could see his smiles, playing with them immediately. On the same day, he asked “where is my best friend?” referring to his cousin Ko Ko. And, they clicked well despite being apart for 2 years. Within 2 weeks time, Ben got so much attached to his cousin sister until he cling on her at airport when we had to depart. His cousin sister Ma Ma Yu also cried on the way back from airport too… what a sad… She played a mummy’s role by putting him to sleep in afternoons and feeding him as well.. So no wonder, they were so attached.

We also had real fun at the zoo as Ben got a chance to feed animals. Daddy wanted to go to zoo another time but Ben did not insist. Here are some pictures of good memory. We do hope we can make another trip soon..

Feeding sugar cane to Elephant

Feeding Banana to Giraffe.

At the airport, before departure, he did not want to come down from Ma Ma Yu.

Anniina @ 11.5 months

Momo weighs 9.7kg and 73cm today :-)
She can stand up herself and remain standing for very long now.
She starts to talk and sing, following after us.
She uses sign language to ask Ben to come and sit next to her :-)

Ben at 3yrs 4 months, he is able to drink medicine from a spoon.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2011

Just a blink, 2010 is ending… Last Christmas, it was still 3 of us and now, it is 4 and Momo is already 10 months old, moving (crawling fast) freely herself  to anywhere she likes. Ben is  a big boy now, tall enough to pee directly into the toilet bowl, standing. Pregnancy was a challenge, giving birth was another (both mama’s privileges) and taking care and raising them is indeed another greater challenge.  Thank God for the grace to see us thru 2010. May His grace continue to shower us,  恩雨 (Grace-Rain) – Momo’s Chinese name (by the way, her English name is Anniina). We would also like to take this opportunity to thank all our family members and friends, thanks for everything and sorry for the very busy lifestyle (hopefully it is temporary) that we have now that we are not able to spend more time with you. Truly, 1 is enough (To those who plan to have 2nd baby, think twice!) Anyway, as mama said, tired but happy :-)  In fact, Mama really sacrificed and endured more than daddy.  Thank God for 2 very important persons too, i.e. pua pua and nenek, without them, life will be extremely hard for us.

We love you all. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

9 Months

Thanks to Aunty PY for cute dresses.

At 9 months, Momo can crawl very well now even though not as fast as Ben bcos she is heavy :-) Momo knows how to call “Pua pua”, “Ma ma”, “Ko ko” and “Da da”  as well, even though it is not very accurate yet. Daddy thinks she is going to talk much very soon :-)

Creepy Crawly Anniina

Yeah! Anniina can crawl now at 5.5 months, but it’s rather creeping than crawling because her butt is still down. She uses her legs and knees to push herself forward these 2-3 days and finally she could crawl around the room. She’s still trying to raise her butt once in a while, perhaps it’s too heavy! :)

Benny could creep forward and on all four just before 5 months as posted here.

Here’s how Annina reach to her toys and her favorite water bottle like a worm or caterpillar.