Swimming at Week36


Mummy has been swimming with baby Ben inside since the 2nd trimester (Mother-to-be, please note, it’s better not to swim in your 1st trimester!) Even though doctor has been telling us baby Ben is quite big in size, mummy’s tummy has been “small” compared to other pregnant friends. So mummy could wear the old swimsuit till Week35. This is the new swimsuit for pregnant woman. Daddy will hide it once baby Ben is out ;-) Mummy should wear back the old swimsuit :-p

Mummy said to have less hip bone pain after swimming, there is no pain at all in the water. There are lots of benefits of swimming. Here you are, some info from babycenter.com

The benefits of swimming during pregnancy
Swimming is great exercise because it uses both large muscle groups (arms and legs). Though low-impact, it provides good cardiovascular benefits and allows expectant women to feel weightless despite the extra pounds added by pregnancy. It also poses a very low risk of injury.

Third-trimester tips
The water supports your joints and ligaments as you exercise, preventing injury and also protecting you against overheating. The breast stroke is particularly beneficial in the third trimester, because it lengthens the chest muscles and shortens the back muscles, two areas that typically become misaligned as your body changes during pregnancy

Safety tips
Swimming is one of the safest forms of exercise. If you swam regularly before pregnancy, you should be able to continue without much modification. If you didn’t swim or exercise at all, you should still be able to swim, but check with your doctor or midwife first. You’ll need to start slowly, stretch well during a gradual warm-up and cooldown, and not overexert yourself.

Baby Ben is 2.8kg now….

We went to see Dr. Ng yesterday for regular checkup. Baby Ben is now 2.8kg. Dr. Ng has new 3D Ultrasound scanning machine now but baby Ben was at position that could not possible to see his face :-)

Ben’s head has turned down since weeks ago but it has yet engaged so most probably he will not give us a surprise early arrival :-p

Mummy also did a test to prevent baby infection during delivery, called GBS, you may check out more details at http://www.groupbstrep.org :-)

First present for Ben…


These are the presents from baby Ben’s Auntie The’ from Singapore, received when Ben was only 5 month inside. “Thank you Auntie The” Ben said.

Looks like we have to keep it many more months before baby Ben will use them :-)
Anyway, they are very nice presents, especially the waterproof book for bathing. Hope baby Ben will develop habit of reading books. Ben, you see, Bobo is reading…. :-)

Bobo reading

Guess who is this….

KC Junior1 KC Junior2

This is not baby Ben, this is baby KC (junior), Daddy’s good friend in China, and he’s half Chinese, half Malaysian. Welcome baby KC. :-) He was born on 22 Aug, 3.1kg.

We are so happy for baby Ben as he will have so many friends (2nd generation friends) whose dad or mum or both are our good friends. They are born and will be born in the same year.

We thank God for friends. May we encourage one another, support one another, share with one another, the joy and the pain of raising up this little jewel that God has blessed us with.

For friends who are still “working hard”, baby Ben welcomes some more friends, work harder, pray harder :-p

Now, Ben has got his very first friends: Baby Daisy (Nicholas), Baby Poh (Lavander), Baby Poh Yong , baby Leow, Baby Esther (Sean) on the way (may be coming today), Baby KC, Baby Kylie & Baby Thiri on the way.. ohhh.. how wonderful… all in this same year and ya,, some more .. Baby Mimi (Bo Bo) who is half Chinese, half Finish and Baby Mia from Finland, Baby Angeliquie from Holland in earlier year. Mum and Dad has plan to take picture of all of them together if there is a chance.. how wonderful would it be?

Ben’s 100 kicks

I don’t know whether it was his kick or punch, I got “Tote.. Tote.. Tote..” every second non-stop in the morning while I was in office and I lost count after 90th Tote Tote. You broke your record man! He did it for a few times before once in a while, but the most was 40 times.. Thank God, it was a mild one.. otherwise,, mummy will…


Benjamin means “Son of my right hand” or “Right hand of the father”, Hebrew Origin.
He will be the 2nd man after daddy in the family. Daddy hopes he will take care of mummy and younger siblings. Daddy hopes he will be someone who can be entrusted with big responsibility and will lead and protect his siblings, just like the elder son in the movie Troy who protected his younger brother. Also daddy hopes he will be a very generous boy ( Proverbs 11:25)

The last syllable “Min” is also Burmese Name, meaning “King”. There are many Burmese name with 2 same words, like, Su Su, Tut Tut, Yeh Yeh and The The, so Ben will be called Min Min by grandma Myint:-) Ben’s grandma Teh gave him a Chinese name, “??”, something sounds like “G-Min” (Daddy does not know how to type in pinyin :-p), meaning ” A new Beginning” in Chinese.

34th Week + 4 days

Today, we met Dr again and Baby Ben is 2.5 kg now, gained half kg in 3 weeks. Dr said baby has good size, but I thought my stomach is too small compared to others. I want you to be chubby like Michelin Baby.

Today, Ben stretched a lot until I got painful. He kicked non-stop in the mornings this weekend, I think he tried to wake me up to go to work. It’s weekend darling Ben, you should let mummy sleep till late late…

Waiting for Baby Ben…

This blog is actually built by daddy for baby Benjamin.

It’s still 1 more month for Ben to arrive but daddy and mummy can’t wait any longer…..

Everything is still not ready. Baby room is still empty, painting of baby cot is only 50% done. Windows are not tinted yet. Have not gotten milk bottle sterilizer yet. Have yet finished clearing all the stuffs in the Ben’s wardrobe yet. Mummy’s stomach is still small and still can swim like a fish. Anyway, 3 weeks ago, Dr. Ng said Ben was bigger by 1 week, weighing 2kg at 32nd week. Can’t believe Ben’s that big in this small bump. Tomorrow will be 35th week, baby might come out anytime starting 36th week. Mummy has yet packed the bag to bring to hospital yet :-p

Everyday, mum and dad are busy wondering how Ben will be…. waiting for him to kick or move..