Helpful websites for daddies and mummies

A good friend shared this with us few weeks ago and I would like to share with you guys too :-)

Playtime Tips:-

Your baby’s development by week:-

Mother’s forum (Msia)

Others:- America’s PD site. Tried to buy the book but cant find it. Can read alot from this site too…

Great time



It was a babies, mummies & daddies get-together :-)

We wanna thank these wonderful people that made the pregnancy and bringing-up of Ben so wonderful.
I wish these 4 babies will become great friends of one another and friends forever :-)

Meeting friends…


Benny was listening to Nicholas… “BenBen, yesterday I fought off 10 bigger boys alone… :-)”


Benny was listening to Chloe… “BenBen, I saw a very beautiful blouse….. ;-)”


Sean: “BenBen, come! I want to talk to you!!”