Cameron Smile


Ben is too young to know what is posing for a photo. He does not always smile in front of camera. We took many photos in the recent Cameron trip, this is one of the few that Ben was caught smiling. Guess we will go to Cameron again soon. Daddy is not satisfied with the shots taken. Too few smiling faces of Ben…..

Another smiling shot :-)

Ben could not bother to smile… :-p

Ben was in sleepy mode :-D

Bungalow Stay


This was where the bungalow we stayed during the recent Cameron trip. No old British environment like Lakehouse but everything was very new, clean and many facilities like big BBQ pits, steamboat utensils, kitchen stove, fridge and WiFi too :-)

Babies in diapers

One of the main activities we had in Cameron Highlands was photo shooting of our babies in diapers only. We really had a great fun time :-) We will have another similar photo time when all the babies know how to sit up on their own. ;-)

By the way, can you find baby Ben? Use your mouse to drag images around to get to the bottom of the pile. Double click to zoom in. For full screen view, please visit

Testing out baby carrier


Looks like Benny likes this baby carrier very much. He is now still on the carrier, playing his toy queitly (already more than 30min). :-)
Looks like it will not be any problem for the coming outing (3 hrs drive)….. The 4 babies are going out together again! ;-)