Turning turtle


Daddy likes to see Benny in turning turtle (with 4 limbs toward the sky) position. It seems like most young babies like to do this. Wondering when they will stop doing this…. gonna miss this scene on day… hope not too soon.

Bulat :-)


Bulat (means round shape in Malay) is one of Ben’s pet names which daddy likes, it sound so dear and cute to daddy. For a girl, this might not sound nice but for a boy, daddy thinks it is ok. In fact daddy likes his round figure so much :-)

This is one of daddy’s fav. photos, taken last month. Daddy likes the little cute tongue too :-) Hey guys, do you notice Ben has more hair now than last month?

Checking out…


Sometimes, Ben is reluctant to sleep. Even though he is tired to hold his head high and it drops unto his pillow, he will still try his best to raise his head up and peep on what is happening outside his baby cot. He will do this a few times. After he is convinced that he will not be left out for anything, we will eventually keep his head on his pillow and sleep. This is the busybody symptom :-D

Drink & eat toddler’s way…


Ben learned how to drink with a drinking straw the moment daddy gave him the new drinking cup with straw. :-)


Ben likes the new cup, hugging it like a teddy :-p


First taste on rice cereal… :-D


Oh, yummy! Ben liked it almost immediately.


Trying to eat up the spoon too :-p


Ben cried for more rice cereal…. :-)

Lately Ben no longer like to lying down quietly to drink. He likes to move around. He actually does not really like to be put into lying position. He always like to be in on four or doing the rabbit. Daddy decided to get him a cup with drinking straw that he does not need to drink water in lying position anymore :-)

Daddy initially planned to only let Ben start his cereal after 6 months old as his stomach might not be matured enough for other than milk. Anyhow lately, Ben sometimes refuses to drink from his milk bottle or refuse to finish the milk even though he is hungry. As suggested by Dr. Mary, daddy bought him rice cereal. Rice cereal was chosen over others because it is the least allergic baby food.

Ben now drinks and eats the toddler’s way :-)

Heavier & taller Ben :-)

Ben put on 1.13kg and 5 cm in 2 months time. He is now 8.13kg, 67cm now.
Today, Ben had his 2jabs of vaccination on both his thighs, no cry, just 1 shout for each jab. Dr. Mary was really good at needles. Besides that, Ben has very nice thighs for needle job. Bigger than this now :-D

Weighing Ben




This was how mummy did the weighing for Ben using a pail and a bathroom Scale. The scale showed 9kg. Can you manage to count how many layers from Ben’s wrist to his body? :-p
Anyway, daddy will get the accurate reading very soon when Ben is due for his vaccination this coming Wednesday.