Enjoy swimming…




This was the 3rd expereince for Ben to be in the adult pool :-) This time he was able to relax and enjoy himself in this big pool. He likes this float given by auntie Sonia, which is actually for 1-2 year toddler as written on the packaging :-p

First flight on 6th month old birthday


Last week, 13th, Ben took his first flight to KL. As soon as the flight took off, he slept til we reached KL. This very good first flight experience gave daddy and mummy more confidence to bring Ben for longer flight…. Anyway, while returning from KL to Penang, Ben entertained the whole plane for a 15min loud cry before falling asleep….haha :-D

One bad experience we had with AirAsia during this flight was that they no longer let the passengers with babies to board the flight first, if the flight is full, it might be a challenge for both parents with baby to sit together as it is free seating. AirAsia is no longer a caring airlines as they used to claim before.

Sushi King


So far we have been bringing Ben along to all restaurants for our weekends meals. Either we put him in the stroller, baby chair or carrying him, most of the time, he did not give us any problem. :-)

Standing up…





At 5th month, Ben could be on four and very soon, he could sit up by himself and now he wants to be on two :-) He uses his strong hands to pull and legs to push his body up. Then his hands will hold him at the standing position. Anyway, he is yet good at balancing :-)

It is fun to see Ben turning over, to see on his four, to see him crawling here and there, to see him using his hands to grab on something (and then very naturally put into his mouth), to see him sitting up and to see him trying to stand now. Anyway, with all these skills, we have to watch him carefully at all time :-) Daddy has adjusted the playpen, so that Ben will not drop out :-p

Cereal time…



Few days ago, Ben has become 6 months old. He can seat steadily now. 2 days ago, daddy gotten Ben a highchair from Ikea. This chair is perfect for cereal time. Ben is always so eager to eat. He is so serious and hardly smile and might be shouting if the cereal run out :-D

Behind Ben is the new curtain that daddy bought 7 months ago, before Ben was born…. Anyway, it was just being fixed and Ben likes it :-)






Daddy has been looking high and low for this swimming float for Ben. Instead of the waist, it is secured at the neck to prevent drowning. Thanks to Auntie Yarli for getting it for Ben as a present. The first time we let Ben try it in the adult bath tub at home. He took it quiet well, no cry but he was very quiet and caution with the swimming. Anyway, the water was not deep enough for Ben to move freely. Daddy then brought Ben to the real swimming pool. He was okay with the big pool but still very quiet and caution :-) Daddy will bring for another swim again, maybe every alternate day :-)