Happy Birthday, YiHer :-)






Yesterday evening, Benny attended YiHer’s 1 year old birthday. As he skipped the 430pm sleep, he was actually quite sleepy at 630pm. Anyway, YiHer’s nice toys fascinated him that he was busy playing with them :-)



Benny likes to play kissing with mummy, sometimes through play pan. Now he kisses daddy and mummy whenever he likes to. Oh! he still often kisses himself in the mirror. ke.. ke..

Disney Disney

Ben Ben : How do I look with this cute Mickey shirt? Hello Aunty Amya, thank you very much for Disney toys and shirts. Thank you Uncle Jon for carrying it all the way from US.



New Shoe & New Shirt

New shoe

Ben Ben has a pair of new shoes. This pair is more airy as there are many openings which is more comfortable. Besides, it will produce some “ee ee” sound when Ben walks. I think he likes it :-)

Daddy & Mummy like this beautiful rainbow shirt from Taiwan, given by Ms. Choo. Thank you Ms Choo! Shoe and Shirt are perfect match.

By the way, Ben Ben was pushing the HighChair to 2 feet away. Daddy thought he was gonna fall down, but he did not.

Ben Ben is 10 months old today :-)

Time flies. Benjamin is 10 months old now. So far we are very happy with his growing-up progress. Ben has developed very good routine for the BIG3 (3 most important things for baby), i.e. sleeping, eating and poo-pooing. Yesterday, Ben showed us 2 times, standing on his own for 10seconds, after that he got off-balanced and squatted down :-)



Potty time is no longer difficult. All we need to do is to sit Benny on his potty and ask him to poo poo. Most of the time, he will. Mama was so happy that Benny passed potty training with flying colour :-)

Ben’s routine sleeping & eating

benny sleeping

Finally Benny sleeps through the night, every night from ~1030pm to ~730am. Before sleep, he will take a bowl of cereal at 930pm and 5Oz of milk just before sleep. In the morning, when he wakes up, he will take 4Oz of milk for breakfast.  He will sleep again at ~10am to 12noon. Take a bowl of cereal for lunch. Sleep again at ~4pm to ~6pm. 2 Oz of milk before and after afternoon sleep. Besides cereal and milk, Benny takes rusk, plain sandwish bread and some fruit daily.

Total sleep time = ~13hrs/day
Milk = ~13Oz/day
Rusk = ~1 pc/day
Banana/pear =1 pc/day
Bread = ~1-2 pcs/day

Printer got jammed…

Just now as daddy was printing¬† some documents, the paper got jammed inside the printer. Daddy found one of Benny’s puzzle pieces was inside the printer, blocking the paper-out way. Who did it? Mummy? Benny? :-D Lately Benny has been crawling in and out daddy’s office frequently :-)