Kissy boy


Benny is a kissy boy. He kissess mummy and daddy before sleeping at night. He kisses us again and again, once to daddy, once to mummy and sometimes more than 10 kisses for each of us :-) He likes to do this in the dark as we turn the light in his room to prepare him for sleep. In the day time, if we ask for kiss, he will act shyly. What a sweet boy :-)

Playing Sand at Feringgi Beach

It has been quite some time since our last visit to Feringgi Beach. The sun had set when we reached there. Didn’t have much time to walk Ben around on the sand but instead we let him play sand with his new Arabian friends. Benny was so busy with the sand that it was so hard to get him to look at the camera for some shots. :-)

Standing in Shower




Ben Ben at 11 month now has a few progresses.

1. Stand up himself at shower time, but not other time. He hasn’t got enough confidence that he can stand.

2. Can speak Ma Ma, Dad Dad, Mum Mum, Nair Nair, Milk Milk, Flower, Good, and Taut-Tair (Gecko in Burmese), which he repeatedly say the most. He calls Dad Dad in different cute tones.

3. He can show where the ear, nose and tongue is. Whenever he eats non-food things he simply picks & eat, we can ask him to show his tongue and he would take out his tongue to show us.

4. Can ask him to find some of his toys and give to us such as Puteh (his Teddy), Spoon, Dog, Mickey etc.

And he likes to feed his food to us which is wonderful. Daddy and Mummy don’t want him to be stingy with his food and toys with others, try to teach him the value of “sharing”.

12hrs sleep per day


Some babies of about same age with or even older than Ben sleep very long hours. Some sleep as early as 8pm til the next day….but Benny is an owl, he usually sleeps at 11pm. He sleeps an average of 12hrs per day.  If compare to the table below, he sleeps shorter hour overnight (8-9 hrs) but longer in daytime (3-4hrs). Haha, daddy and mummy have extra hours to spend with Benny each day :-)


Ben drinks less now…





Benny has reduced his intake for formula milk much to about only 10 Oz a day. We tried to add some Milo and mention it as Milo instead of Milk Milk but still he does not take much. Anyway, he likes plain water. Daddy did some study over the Net last night and decided to add the formula milk powder into his solid food meal and will start giving him yogurt and cheese soon as alternative source of calcium :-)

Benny is very playful. He likes to tap on or grab our face when having milk. He always give us a very sweat smile :-)

Fallen asleep…

It was 1130pm, Ben has taken his bedtime milk but still refuse to sleep…. Daddy took him out from his baby cot and lied with him on the floor for a while and he finally dozed off himself after about 30min of “playing”.




Circus! Circus!

Isn’t that funny? He has been doing that since weeks ago, but never could get a shot as it’s over quite fast. He does that out of a sudden when he is playing and he likes to see behind scene.

What do you think he is doing?