13 months and 2 weeks

Ben has 7 teeth now, 4 up & 3 bottom. He is crawling 30% and walking 70% now, even though his steps are not very firm yet. Ben’s little finger is strong enough to press the door bell switch now. Ben knows what song will be next while listening to his favourite Elmo cd. Ben tried to play a vcd in a vcd player himself. Ben talks a lot now :-)

Mickey toy with whistle


Ben used to scare of the whistle sound of this toy whenever daddy blew it since young until about 1 year old. After that he no longer scared of it and he blew the whistle himself. Anyway, daddy threw it away as Ben’s teeth scratched of  the colout coating of Mickey’s ears…. Should have kept it from Ben earlier :-p

Dancing King

Ben Ben used to shake his butt when he hears music since 3-4 months, followed by jumping while sitting. These days, he does various actions following the nursery songs in TV. But of course, he gets limited time to see TV.



Big Boss

Benny likes to put one leg up when he sits in the high chair or stroller. Sometimes, he enjoys riding stroller around in the malls putting up his leg like a big boss.


Sucking thumb


The “scar” on Ben’s thumb tells how much Ben Ben likes to suck his thumb. He will do so whenever he is sleepy. He does not like pacifier. A same trait that Ben shares with his cousin sister, Grace :-)