Playful boy


At first, Ben helped daddy to throw the banana skin into the dustbin. Daddy was so happy,  as he appeared to understand the request and he knew where was the dustbin. The following day, without asking, Ben threw his book in to the dustbin and his toothbrush into the toilet bowl :-p

Put on the shoes


Nowadays, we put on shoes for Ben whenever we want to go out as he can walk now. Ben will sit on the drawers and let mama wear shoes for him. We no longer need to bring the stroller around, when he is tired of walking, daddy will carry him or put him in the trolley :-)

Hot? or Cool?







When Ben was about 5 months old, he let us wear him the cap, but after that, he disliked the cap and then recently, he was okay again with cap and even sunglasses. This is how he looks :-)

And what else? of course, admiring himself in the mirror… trying to wear 2 glasses together.. hee hee

Many Thanks to Aunty Intan, Aunty Poh Yong and Ben’s nanny for cap and the glasses!

Open fridge door…

Ben learned a few new things recently, open the fridge door, close the room doors (can’t reach the door nob to open yet) turn on and off the TV, turn on and off the light, turn on the tab and since last month, he has been pressing the door bell.

Run Baby Run!

Benny walked on the lawn for the first time but he enjoyed playing with grasses more than walking.. He tried to run though he was not very stable yet. Daddy will surely take more and better photos soon… We had good time :-) starred-photos.jpgstarred-photos3.jpgstarred-photos4.jpg