Shower Fun

These days, Benny enjoys shower by playing toys or reading books. Every morning he demands 3 things. Once he wakes up, he shouts Ma Ma, Daddy or Nenek (baby sitter), then “Milk Milk”, and “Carton”, “Barney” or “Shrek” or “Elmo”. After drinking milk watching cartoon, he shouts “shower”. Then, it’s time for his shower pleasure… He takes shower 3 times a day to keep the germs at bay.. hee hee



Trip to Myanmar…

Ben made a very first trip to Myanmar to see his Grandma, aunt, uncle and cousins. Everyone there was excitingly waiting for him. He immediately recognized grandma and almost instantly, he clicked with the cousins naturally and played with them happily everyday for 10 solid days. He really had so much of fun. We had never seen him so happy like this :-) To our surprise, he showed so much affection to his cousins by kissing them everyday. Once, he kissed them one by one. Isn’t that amazing for his age to speak love language?  And, he started to call Ko Ko & Ma Ma (Brother and sister in Burmese) to his cousins. At times, he refused to sleep at bed time as he wanted to keep playing with them. He was shouting “Ko Ko, Ma Ma” and tried to get out of the bed room.

Anyway,  finally Ben Ben got to come back to Penang… and playing alone again most of the time :-( Mama, faster give Ben Ben a sibling :-)

Thank you very much Pwar Pwar, Aunty Age, U Htut, and Kyee Kyee Ye for hospitality & accompany, especially Kyee Kyee for driving and cooking for us.