1.5 Years!

Benny has hit the milestone of one and a half year sooner than we expected.

There are a lot of changes compared to when he was 1 year. Basically, his vocab has increased a lot and he has started to say verbs and nouns together such as eat bread, cook rice, Shrek on (turn on). And he has started to mention himself as Ben Ben by saying ‘Ben Ben shower’.

Most of the things he says are – Food which are his favorites to either eat or play (grape, cheese, rice, porridge, raisin, oats, orange, apple, garlic,nuts); Objects (book, shoes, socks, hat, key, ball, spoon, fork, spec, bed, bag), Verbs (close, cut, shower, go out, see boss, carry) etc. And he starts to ask the very first question – “Where”- Milk Where, Elmo where etc.

One of the cutest word we think he says is “carry”. But it sounds “Ke-yee”. He says.. “Ma ka-yee”, “Daddy ka-yee”..  He still likes us to carry him!


Hayo! Hayo!

Ben Ben has been talking on the phone “Ha-yo” “Ha-yo” for some time but, the other day Mummy was so surprised when he picked up Mummy’s phone call to house phone and answered “Ha-yo”. He is not authorized yet to pick up the phone but….. He says what we say like parrot and does what we do. Oooh no, he also dialed 999 to police the other day and daddy got to say sorry to police.

See! he is acting like super busy on the phone like Daddy does.


Riding on caterpillar :-)



Daddy has yet gotten Benny his own car to ride on… pity the little caterpillar :-p

1st row, Photo4-Riding YiHee’s car

2nd row, Photo1-Riding cousin’s bike

2nd row, Photo2-Riding supermarket’s trolley car

2nd row, Photo3-Riding friend’s car

2nd row, Photo4-Riding Rachel’s car

When am I going to get me one?? :-p