Chef at Home

Benjamin Teh is the Chef at University Heights. Besides his passion for cooking, he is obsessed with all his pots and pans and Tupperware, until he brings them to his bed and falls asleep with them. Middle of the night, he sometimes wake up and check whether they are there on his bed. If not, he will suddenly get up, cry  and hunt for them. Once he wakes up in the morning, he’d straightaway carry all of them to living room and there he goes…..his day starts with cooking and blending juice. Since 2 nights ago, Ma Ma has banned him from bringing all those kitchen wares to bed room. It was successful. Let’s see how.

Kitchen is the interesting place for him too. When Ma Ma is cooking in the kitchen, he always comes and see what Ma is cooking and he’d say “put salt”, “cook rice”, “cook soup”,” fry egg” etc.dsc_0572dsc_0589

Reading Books

Ben definitely loves his books. I think reading for him really helps improve his vocabs. He gets bored with his toys but he reads his books again and again everyday. He has picked up and learnt many things especially animals and objects from his books. These days, he’d open his book, points the animals and say out their names himself.

So far, the animals that he can name are ba ba sheep, moo moo, horse, cat, dog, horse, lion, rabbit, frog, fly, duck, bird, fish, crab, monkey, pig, butterfly (he sounds firefly), elephant, dinosaur (nosour). The objects & cartoons he say are car, bus, star, moon, doughnut, clock, watch, door, spec, ball, hair, nose, ear, eye, hand, leg, toes, Elmo, Barney, Pocoyo, Shrek 2,  Bop. Shrek must be Shrek 2.

Sometimes, he surprises us with the new words that we did not teach him. Today, we let him see his photos on his blog and he surprised us saying “sweep floor” and “read book” when he saw the ones he was sweping and reading.

He also likes to see carton corner in newspaper or any other books which attract him. Sometimes, he’d also see photo albums and point-on and say daddy, ma ma, ben ben, ne nek, grand ma, pwar pwar, ko ko, ma ma, whom he is familiar with.
He sometimes see the book upside down but can name them correctly.dsc_0510dsc_0508
Looking into the mirror.