Soon, Ben will have a younger brother or sister which was something daddy used to wish to have. It must be nice to have someone younger to care for. Good for you Benjamin! :-)
Your little didi or meimei will be here on 2-2-2010, your favorite number, 2, 2, 2 :-)

If you ask Ben how many cookies or anything he would like to have, chances are he will say 2, 2, 2 :-p If you ask him what movie he would like to watch, he will say Shrek 2, Elmo 2, Barney 2 :-p

It is confirmed! :-)

In another 9 months time, Ben will not be lonely anymore. Hope he will be a good helper then :-)
Daddy and mummy will have bigger challenge to manage the 2 or 3? :-p

Thank God for another special gift. Hallelujah! :-)

test kit

Meimei or didi?


Busy at supermarkets

Ben likes to play moving things at supermarkets. We have never seen other young kids doing this in any supermarket… maybe the parents do not allow :-p Anyway, we just let him have fun :-) Many people around enjoyed looking at him too. Sometimes, the supermarket staffs joined the fun by talking to him, teaching him how to arrange, pretending angry and saying NO strictly, etc. Ok, let’s enjoy the videos:-

Watch out, Giant’s auntie said, “Pandai lo” :-)

Ben was moving the apples back quickily to original place as a Tesco staff pretending angry with what he has done.