Trip to Singapore

Ben Ben just made a second oversea trip to Singapore. He dozed off in the aeroplance both ways, so daddy & mummy had a peace throughout the flights. Before he dozed off, he enjoyed sitting his own seat reading books and then dozed off sitting upright, belted, and masked.

He had so much fun with his counsins.

Starred Photos
Starred Photos1

Finally, he had lots of fun in the zoo…. We started the zoo tour at 9am and by 2pm, when we had covered almost all the animals, he dozed off, just at the right timing. He was excited to see animals and was shouting “Lion, Tiger, Hippo.. etc.”
After we have come back home in Penang, he said, “Ben Ben see so many animals, lion, tiger, bear….”


Starred Photos2

He dared to touch the real baby crocodile. May be he thought it’s a toy.


He crawled like tortise when he saw the tortise.



Going under the water

Ben likes to play in the swimming pool. Recently we put him under the water and he was ok for about 3 seconds :-)
Just watched the following, gonna try it with Ben soon. How we wish that we have swimming school for kids like this in Penang.