Potty TrainED


Finally, Ben is potty trainED. Ben has been pooing and peeing in the potty for a month now. Yeah! :-)
He gets very excited and happy each time he could make it. He claps hands, shouts “good boy” and calls everyone at home to¬†witness, praise him and then he asks for his reward, i.e ¬†Smarties or Kisses :-)

He was fine with potty from 7 months to about 1 year old. He was even reading book while on potty. But after that, he boycotted potty. A couple of months ago, he was ok with toilet seat for a few weeks. But after that he refused it. This time, potty training is much easier than we thought. I think the “reward” works well. (Mummies, pls share your experience in comment)

Look at this when he was about 10 months.