Thomas & Friends

Ben was so happy to receive Thomas & Friends from Auntie Sonia. TQ, Khor Khor.

Admiring the train set :-)

Putting Lego blocks and Elmo toy on Thomas.

Ben refused to leave Thomas for bed.

Ben rather slept on the floor instead of his bed :-D

CNY 2010

This year, grandpa, grandma and uncle visited us as baby Anniina was still too young to travel. We had a hard time for photo session as Ben just wanted to do his own way :-)

Mei mei is home

Yahoo, mei mei is back :-) Daddy and mummy are still  thinking about the name registration, considering the pros and cons shd we register it as Anniina or Anina… we have until 18 Feb as all births in Malaysia must be registered within 14 days of the date of birth.

Back to hospital

Mei mei was back to hospital last Monday because of jaundice. The bilirubin level went up to 270 from 150 when she came home. After 1 day under UV, it has dropped to 180 and hopefully will continue to drop to below 100.

The 2nd day for Ben Ben & mei mei

Yesterday, Ben was a bit over excited and rough and he did not know what he could and could not do unto mei mei. He tried to carry mei mei by grabbing her body, tried to kiss  and touch mei mei with a little too much pressure. We have to keep warning him to be gentle. Today, he did it very well (see photos above), he was gentle towards mei mei and he was not rough anymore. Anyway, we still have to keep watching over him and monitor him, he can be unpredictable :-p