Brushing teeth

Since Ben would like to do almost everything by himself, sometimes, certain things cannot be done properly. Just like he would not sit still and let the barber cut his hair, he will not sit still and let me brush his teeth. Yesterday, it was a sad day that Ben was beaten because he did not want to allow me to brush his molar teeth. Today, I bought an electric toothbrush thinking it will make brushing teeth easier and it did. All Ben has to do is to place the electric toothbrush on his teeth and it turned out Ben liked it so much :-)

Puzzle boy

This Goldilocks’ puzzle (for 3-6years old) was a bit too difficult for Ben when his aunt bought it for him at 2 years old (needed daddy’s help to complete it), now at 2.5 years old Ben can easily complete it without any help. Daddy was trying to offer help but Ben said, “Daddy, don’t do, daddy don’t do” :-)

Watch & cry

This was the first time Ben cried while watching TV, he was watching Stuart Little 2, not sure why he cried anyway. He must be too into the movie :-p

Shiew shiew must stand, ee ee must sit

Ben has been saying this often since probably last month. Shiew shiew = pee , ee ee  = poo in Burmese. Sometimes, he will be mad if he could not aim well and wet the floor. Being a boy is really convenient, all daddy need to do when going out with him is to bring along a plastic bag. We he need to pee, just take out the plastic bag :-)

Being together

Ben likes to lie next to Anniina, he will try to do so whenever she is lying on the bed of bouncer :-) Sometimes, we tried to stop him worrying that his hash action might unintentionally cause harm to Anniina but at the same time, we do not want to “kill” his affection toward her :-)