3-year-old gathering

The 4 babies are now 3 years old toddlers :-)
3 years ago: http://blog.benjaminteh.com/?p=369

We gave the 3 boys few posing instructions. Ben was over excited and posed “macam-macam” :-D
Click on the above for bigger view.

Watching TV together :-)

New member joining the game ;-)

Big sister was explaining something to baby Anniina :-)

Playing iPhone game together, everyone was waiting for their turn patiently, no fighting :-)

Group photo, with additional 2 new members :-)

Time to go home…  still playing in the lift :-)

Creepy Crawly Anniina

Yeah! Anniina can crawl now at 5.5 months, but it’s rather creeping than crawling because her butt is still down. She uses her legs and knees to push herself forward these 2-3 days and finally she could crawl around the room. She’s still trying to raise her butt once in a while, perhaps it’s too heavy! :)

Benny could creep forward and on all four just before 5 months as posted here.

Here’s how Annina reach to her toys and her favorite water bottle like a worm or caterpillar.

5-Month-Old Anniina

Anniina has grown so well to 8.4 kg. Her doctor said her weight is still fine. The most noticeable behavior recently is that she grasps everything (like toys) in her surroundings and tries to bite. She also likes to turn her body 360′ on the bed, head up. And, she can’t sit still long or keeps moving during diaper change. What else? Oh, she constantly kicks her legs during shower and pulls the tap or anything within her reach. She’s on breastfeeding about 4oz every 3 – to 4 hourly.