Benny the Chef, Benny the Gardener

Besides reading, Benny’s other hobbies are cooking, baking and gardening.
Sometimes, we give him some vege to cut. Sometimes, we let him play with freshly made dough (flour+water) which occupies him for an hour or two. .. he really enjoys it. Last weekend, we let him join us in baking cookies.. He enjoyed not only mixing the ingredients, and playing with dough, but also eating it. It tasted not bad at all. Thanks to Aunty Sonia for cookie cutters!

He often joins Grandma for gardening too by digging the ground, pulling the weeds. Grandma has grown chillies, mints, basil, capsicums, etc. He also enjoys plucking around the flowers in neighborhood.

We need to find more activities for him to be occupied.