Dental Treatment

One of the worst things happened to Ben besides hospitalized and a very severe blue black eye was the cavity, actually the cavities :-p There were many excuses but it was daddy’s fault, taking dental care too lightly…. Thank God for giving everyone a 2nd chance, we all have 2 set of teeth ;-)

One of the greatest achievements for Ben as he entered 3-year-old was allowing dentist to fix the holes. Above photo taken right after 1st dental treatment. Below was photo taken before the front hole being fixed.

Below are video taken for 1st and 2nd during dental treatment:-

First visit, Daddy has to become the “chair” for Ben ;-) Mummy came along too.

Second visit, only daddy and ben went to see doctor, ben lying on the chair himself and daddy busy shooting video ;-)

Wanna know who was this toddler friendly doctor? We were really grateful to have her in Penang. Her name is Dr. Tow and she is from Queensbay Dental  Surgery. One word, she is GOOD :-)

9 Months

Thanks to Aunty PY for cute dresses.

At 9 months, Momo can crawl very well now even though not as fast as Ben bcos she is heavy :-) Momo knows how to call “Pua pua”, “Ma ma”, “Ko ko” and “Da da”  as well, even though it is not very accurate yet. Daddy thinks she is going to talk much very soon :-)