First Swimming Session

Anniina had her first swim when she turned 1 year, 3 months ago. It’s quite late compared to Ben who had his first at 6 months. We delayed her because she had allergy before. She did enjoy swimming and also was ‘busy body’ with ko ko’s accessories while preparing to swim.

Miss model posing for camera in cute swimming suit from Aunty PY.

Mo Mo: “Give me my goggle”

“Hey that’s mine!”

I am stuck in the doughnut.

Yay! I love it.

Ko Ko getting cheeky in nice swim wear from Samuel.

Benny’s Creativity

We have no idea how he got the idea to make things out of these “laundry clips”. At first he made objects like rockets & robots, recently he made animals out of it. He gets occupied by it for quite long at times. It reminds us of the toys made of wires, sold by handicaps at Komtar. Perhaps, he can glue them up and sell them.. ha ha..

This is dragon. The pink top part is fire coming out from its mouth he said.


This is bird.