At Playground

These days, we put more effort to bring them to playground. No game is better than outdoor activities. Yes we also want to reduce their TV time or straining at screens.

Ben often makes friends with other kids at playground. The other day he was playing ‘run n chase’ with another kid. He was teasing the kid to chase him. Mo Mo has mastered sliding at her second time sliding. She was so daring and did not want us to help her. She even tried new style lying down with head down.


Mo Mo: “I slide myself Daddy”

Mo Mo: “Ko Ko let’s slide together”


 Mo Mo: “I’m sleeping”

Proud of Papaya!

Ben was so excited to see and pluck Papayas Pwar Pwar planted. Now Papaya trees Pwa Pwa planted are giving us the fruits which are quite sweet besides a few other veges… Thank you Pwa Pwa!

Cleaning up Pwa’s garden

Ben used to spend much time with Pwa Pwa (Grandma) at their garden. They used to plant and clean up the garden together. Now Pwa Pwa has gone back, leaving Ben to man the garden alone :-)
Upon seeing the “rubbish”,  Ben immediately picked them up and gathered them at a corner. I think deep inside, he misses his Pua Pua :-)

Bookworms @ Book Shop

This is the place both of them enjoy the most in a shopping mall. They just get occupied themselves with minimal control.Ben would take books by books and read. I wish we have one just next to our house :) It will be the best babysitting place.