Bird Park, KL

This lucky boy sometimes gets to travel “just the two of us” trips with Daddy. This time, he took Aeroline Bus to KL and flew back to Penang. He was fine on the bus, busy drawing, reading, and weeing too :D

This time, he had great time with daddy’s family and also in the Bird Park with his cousins and aunty! He wasn’t afraid of the birds and was so daring feeding them. After coming back to Penang, he said “I want to bring mummy and Mo Mo to Bird Park” :)

Mo Mo the Singer & Dancer

This little Mo Mo likes to sing songs and dance. She likes to watch Ben’s concert and follows all the actions. Her favorite songs are Ba Ba Black Sheep, Twinkle Twinkle, Ni Wa Wa and Liang Zi Lao Hu etc. Although she cannot speak much Mandarin, she just loves to sing Ni Wa Wa often. This is how she entertain us at home by singing and dancing. Please give her a big applause!