1. He has a round head and chubby face of Kiat kuku’s. The smile and eyes of aunty Jasmine’s. Nose, n ears, hmmm….. not sure :-) But he is as sweet as you, Rachel, when you’re a toddler.

  2. How nice to see my nephew’s latest photos!Htet, Yu & Sett also enjoy his photos.We’ll show Grandma later.

  3. hello T Ye and sis n bro!!
    how are u? nice to read your comment. write more here. u can see earlier pics by clicking ‘ older post’ at the bottom of main page.
    love, ben ben

  4. Hi! Ben,
    Grandma is here at Te Ye’s house to see picts.
    Ben is cute & handsome with cap N glasses.But don’t wish to get real glasses_ Htet & YU wearing real glasses now.
    Bye! Bye!

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