Ma buy fries

Ben can now make a simple sentence. Last night, while waiting for mama to buy him some fries from McDonald’s, he said “Ma buy fries” :-) Ben’s vocab size is about 50 words now :-)

Words that Ben knows: hand, eye, ear, hair, milk, banana, papaya, aple, grape, straw, cheese, biscuit, bread, garlic, onion, grape, flower, car, bus,  key, donut, donut man,  boss, daddy, mama, uncle, nenek, pua pua (grandma), grandma, barney, elmo, ernie, bert,  carry, please, press, open, keep, give, pain, shushu (pee), ee ee (poo), more, disc, this, light, dark dark, song, water, sleep, shower, walk walk, buy, fries, shoes, etc, etc.



  1. Ha, ha, another new hair style? Ma buy fry(or fries?)or flies?
    :-) Guess the big M has become your favourite place!

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