Mo Mo the Singer & Dancer

This little Mo Mo likes to sing songs and dance. She likes to watch Ben’s concert and follows all the actions. Her favorite songs are Ba Ba Black Sheep, Twinkle Twinkle, Ni Wa Wa and Liang Zi Lao Hu etc. Although she cannot speak much Mandarin, she just loves to sing Ni Wa Wa often. This is how she entertain us at home by singing and dancing. Please give her a big applause!


Gardening really keeps Ben and Mo busy. They like to dig the ground with the spade and also to water the plants. It’s a good outdoor activity to get some sunshine. Ben has planted some Asam tree and it’s growing. He is so happy with it. Thank you Pwar Pwar for making this garden!

Recent Pics

It’s been a long time we haven’t updated about our little pride & joy. The excuse is simply “busy”. hee hee.. Time is flying too fast and we have too little time to do things that we enjoy doing. Well.. I guess it’s time to smell the roses for a little while..

Yes, our little pride & joy are growing taller but no so bigger.. Ben will be 5 in 4 months or less and Mo is 2 years and 4 months. Mo Mo lost weight and appetite after she was hospitalized in last Feb. Now she’s catching up again. Ya, I love her chubby. The good thing is she loves milk unlike Ben. She is super chatty and sings a lot. We enjoy her self-made songs after she wakes up from her nap in afternoons. Now she starts to sing Mandarin songs. It’s easier for her to learn Mandarin from Ben. We just bought Mandarin song CDs for them, well yes, a bit too late, but not too late. She also reads books to herself just like we do for her. It’s really fun to see her reading to herself making stories of her own.

Ben as usual is lean, still struggle to eat meat and, also with his school works especially writing Mandarin in the school. He needs good mood to get his job done. Anyway, he doesn’t bring home homework any more (thank god!) so we have less stress. He dislikes academic work like writing alphabets although he likes non-academic activities with interactive books. His Mandarin is much improved coz Daddy has been talking to him in Mandarin more often. His drawing skill is also improving. Perhaps he inherited it from his 2 uncles (Both daddy’s and mummy’s brother can draw very well :*). We have shot many of his drawings but have found no time to upload on the blog. So coming soon!

These are their recent pics taken in a park.

I Can Swim!

Surprise! Surprise! Ben just learned himself how to swim by floating face up for several feet. We were really surprised as we did not teach him and he did not swim often. In fact, we let him swim once every 1 or 2 months recently. I don’t think he even tried this swimming style the last time we swam although daddy and mummy swam this way sometimes. We usually bring him to the playground or park for exercise, but just found that his appetite is better after swimming compared to playing in the playground.

So far, there are two things that Ben learned himself, without us teaching him. One is drawing, the other is swimming. We’ve been talking about sending him to swimming class and art class but did not really take action. I guess we better take action.

Ben’s Drawing @ 4.5 years

Ben’s drawings have improved and he still draws whenever he feels like drawing. Recently, he likes to draw animals, ambulance, and houses. Sometimes, he likes to draw and write something or label what he draws. He asked Daddy to send the first picture below to Mo Mo when she was hospitalized a few months ago. The 5th one was drawn to give his friend. He drew some pics, wrote something and gave them to a few of his friends sometime ago but, we did not get to shoot photo of them. They were really nicely done.

Oldest Presents

Sometimes old presents are more precious than new ones as they have sentimental values. Recently, Ben inherited some of Daddy’s 30-year-old (or may be more) childhood stuffs, when Daddy cleared up his old house in his home town. Daddy brought back a box of Legos, cars, stickers, a blanket that he used when young, his old shirt and some of Daddy old photos, that look like him. Yes, these were hidden treasures for the past 30 years. Most of the Legos are still good although some have turned slightly crooked. Cars are still in good shape and some of the doors can be opened up. And the cars were made in France, UK, Hong Kong etc that we can’t find in the market now. BenĀ  loves to use the blanket and wear the old shirt but it’s a little too big for him. He asked for the shirt to wear many times . It tells how much he loves Daddy :*)